The Journey begins with the First Post.

This is the way my blog begins,

This is the way my blog begins,

This is the way my blog begins,

Not with a whimper but with a bang.

You ever get that wonderful, tingly feeling when you actually do something properly for the first time? Like from peeling off the skin of an orange in a perfect dragon shape to typing a whole paragraph without making a typo, even when you’re paying the keyboard your utmost attention -the kind that lets Satan create beings likethis and this  (’cause surely creatures this devilishly handsome could only be made by some great Evil to mock and tempt us into committing some un-redeemable act in the service of Chaos), to the extremely difficult task of not nodding off in a history class, no matter how interested you might be in knowing the various gruesome ways those poor women were offed in Salem in the late 1600s.
Yeah well, I’m definitely getting that feeling now. This is the first time I’m creating a blog which I have intentions of maintaining forever. Well, till I discover some new way to rant and blubber all day long, one which preferably allows me to do what I may without requiring the help of machines. ‘Cause I’ve seen Terminator people, I know what happens.

Anywho, ta for now. Sayonara. Aloha. Adieu.

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