The Road to Life is Straight(apparently)

We are all born straights, it seems. All of us little fetuses, from Lindsay Lohan to the Pope to Mel Gibson, were all miracles of God who had natural tendencies to be attracted to the opposite sex. Then our other sexual orientations that deviate from all this natural-ness can only be seen as unnatural, right? Because on a chemical/biological level, only opposites attract. So says biology. Screw biology. I never cared much for the subject in the first place anyway. Anything that could relate my love for chocolate with hormones or whatever, and thus deeming my devotion less than sacred and pure, is in my eyes, the Evil that will doom us all. Mark my words- Science will be the death of us. And if my words are not enough, check out all the sci-fi dystopian novels out there.

Back to the topic- So about an hour ago I got into a heated discussion with my sister over this and it went something like this:

Father: Yes, I get that children at your age have predispositions of attractions. I know girls attract boys and boys attract girls-

Yours Truly: Well, girls attract girls and boys attract boys as well.

Sister:No, we are attracted to opposite sexes only when we begin. Later on, we start to grow fetishes for boobs or dicks or whatever

Yours Truly: So you’re saying that LGBT and all that stuff is unnatural and-

Sister:No, I’m only just trying to explain it to you from a biological point of view.

Yours Truly:That’s b.s. Animals have no restrictions li9ke us humans. You know dogs will hump anything because they like to hump. They don’t care if you facial hair or not, or even if you’re living. Anyways, whatever. Blippity Bloppity Blop. Can’t hear you.

Sister: Blah. Bio. Blah blah blah. Science. Blah.

Yours Truly:Scooby Dooby Dooba!

Sister:That is so you. You read some snippet about something and you think you know it all.

Yours truly stomps out of the room with a ferocious scowl on her face like she’s about smash some eggs on her sleeping brother’s face(which she doesn’t do, thank goodness).

Reflecting back on that conversation, I can see that it wasn’t much of a discussion but more of


Anyway the verdict: I am DUMB but that doesn’t mean Science is good. I mean Physics might be all right but Chemistry and Biology suck. Why do I have to study this horrible nonsense? Why? BTW since I am acquainted with only these fields of science, I am only talking about them. I know there are some fantastic fields out there as well, like Noetic Science.

*I can’t attest to the truthfulness or scientific-ness of this post. I had the conversation with my sister over an hour ago, folks. I can’t be expected o remember every little detail of my life! And I probably mixed up and contorted all the facts. Don’t say I didn’t warn you on my About page. If you’re here, you will lose gray cells. And that is a fact I am absolutely certain of.

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