Fancy a kiss to save the world?

How many stories and books do we have out there where Girl has powers, Boy has powers, Girl loves Boy, Boy loves Girl but. There is a always a big but constantly sticking its butt wherever it’s least needed, particularly in their union and Happily Ever After. And the most used and redundant but: “Oh my sweets, I love you more than me old self but we can’t be together because the FREAKIN’ world will end and people will die or some other really, really bad crap will happen.” Ugh, such bloody B.S.!

Now here’s a story to end all the other dragon dung floating around: A love to doom and a kiss to save.

Girl is born to kill the Boy. Girl is trained to kill the Boy. Girl meets Boy. Girl falls in love with Boy. Boy falls in love with Girl. It’s time to kill the boy. Girl doesn’t want to. Girl can’t stop. If Girl stops, the whole of time and universe will crumble. Girl Stops.

The whole of universe starts to crumble. Time disintegrates. Reality fades.  Boy meets Girl again. Girl shies away. If Boy and Girl touch, the world will be saved and the Boy will be dead. Boy screams at Girl. Girl says,”I’ll suffer more than any other being in the universe if you die. I refuse to kill the man I love.” But in the end, Girl kisses Boy and saves the world and kills the boy.


So next time you sit around watching lame-ass rom-coms and muching Oroes, remember it’s only because the Doctor kissed River Song. 🙂 And that, mi amigos, is the best love story of all times.

PS: They manage to save the Boy fearing that I would kill the Girl otherwise.

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