12.12.12 Miracle!

12 December 2012 What a day! The last major numerical date according to the Christian Calendar for almost another century. The next time the numbers will be arrayed like this will be on 1st January 3001. And also less than two weeks to end of the world- Dec 21 2012. So it stands to reason that we’ll get the chance to celebrate the end of yet another phenomenon or whatever before we all kick the bucket on 21st.

I don’t know about you people out there, some slugging through their day and through demanding spouse and bratty kids and over-bearing parents while others climbing the Matterhorn or diving into a bucket of water from a height of 500m and the rest roasting children in an oven(open flame is so Pre-12.12.12) or making necklaces of your headmaster/mistress’s spleens, but le fabuleux moi had a splendiede day. So fantastique a day that I just composed an atrocious poem and am speaking in even more horriblement francais(the langunage of love), if it indeed is horrible for I have no darn clue.

Here goes my poem:
How do I love thee, NetGalley?
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways
I love thee like I hate Complan(only talking about the magnitude of my love)
I love thee like I hate sparkling vampires(once again only consider the magnitude not the negativity)
I love thee like I love the backbench of my class that lets me doze in History and Hindi periods
I love thee like Patrick loves his Rock
I love thee like Hermione loves S.P.E.W. and A History of Magic
And even if Dragons stoppeth loving gold,
My love for thee shall only compound(i.e. only if you keep on providing me with ARCs but why sour the mood, right?).

So yeah, did I mention why I aime NetGalley so?
See, the thing is i only registered to NetGalley around 9-ish last night and requested 28 ARCs. And not even a whole day went by before seven of my requests were fulfilled! Of course, now I have to download a bunch of new apps onto my PC so I can read them and five of my requests were outright denied and the rest are still pending, but I’m a glass-half-full people- always looking on the bright side! And that is my 12.12.12 miracle.

And this calls for a Ganganam Style celebration(with Pikachu)!

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