Eternal Dreams

Happy New Year, everyone!

It’s 2013- the year we neither dreamed of nor expected to arrive. It’s weird but really I never planned beyond 2012. 2013 was always the future- a distant future. Never really here even when it was doing the Tootsie Roll on my porch. It’s like the previous year was a milestone, a landmark, where we expected something eventful and life-changing to happen. All my expectations and hopes were cemented in that year itself. Beyond that, it was all gray and bleak.  I guess it was not so much about something happening as a basket to unload all my hopes and dreams into. Some of them I accomplished; some were too far-fetched.  And now it’s over. It’s gone and it ain’t coming back. The woven fibers of the basket have been unraveled- all my wishes are now floating around in the universe and I can’t capture them back. I let go of them and I’m never getting them back. I guess, we shouldn’t really put all our dreams in one basket, or year. Maybe if I get a dream-catcher, I will be able seize them back? But it’s probably best to move and weave new dreams, for did Henry David Thoreau not say that

Dreams are the touchstones of our character“?

And aren’t we re-born every second, every moment? Aren’t we ever-changing, evolving and becoming simply more by each passing action of ours and others? Then why should our dreams remain static? We change along with our dreams. We are new; we never get old. And we don’t have the luxury of looking back.  I forgot that. I didn’t let my dreams and wishes and hopes dance and bloom in the events of my life. I caged them lest they be soiled.

“A dream dirty and bruised is better than no dream at all.”

Last night, when we transitioned into this new year, I let go of my dreams for they didn’t want to let go of the past. It is like Erma Bombeck said,

Dreams have only one owner at a time.

Now, I am free. I am not burdened by my rusted dreams of the past that I failed. I can soar. I can fly. I can skim the waves of the ocean on my buoyed wings. And as such, I will dream more dreams; I will make them reality. I will not confine them to a period and time. They will be eternal, like me.

The year, 2013- the one I didn’t dream of nor expected- will be the aerie of my new desires and ambitions.

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